Welcome To Reach Dem JA

Reach Dem JA is a registered Jamaican charity which exists to ensure that no one is ever deemed unreachable by society.
We are determined to tell the stories of those who have no voice.

About Us

Our mission is to fulfill the mandate given to us in Matthew 25:35-36 : to clothe those who are naked, visit those who sick, visit those who are imprisoned, feed those who hunger, give drink to those who thirst.

Our Vision

In executing our mandate, we propose to revolutionize and reform the traditional ways of reaching out to mankind, particularly focusing on the empowerment of those who are deemed impoverished because of their socio-economic backgrounds, focusing on: women, children, young adults, single parent families, homeless people, persons who are infected with HIV/Aids, and those who have been imprisoned or deported.

Our Goal

We intend to achieve that by breaking down social barriers and stereotypes so prevalent in society today that would prevent us from reaching people by providing and/or supporting new and existing social intervention programs within the inner city and depressed urban communities.