To release means to set free, let go, allow to leave, turn loose, liberate, deliver from: sexual, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual abuse. Abuse is as shunned issue, seldom spoken about on public platforms in Jamaica.

Re-Lease Women’s conference was a multi-faceted platform upon which we will explore the topic by presenting speakers who have personally experienced abuse but have, with time overcame their ordeals to become women of substance.

Re-Lease presented a unique opportunity to explore the topics, motivate, encourage and support women in discovering and developing their true potential by finding divine destiny.

It emphasises, that there must be a Re-Lease of past hurts by forgiveness in order to move beyond that time. It then becomes more apparent that life does not end with Abuse but can present the start of something fabulous, a new determination to excel in all, one then becomes motivated to achieve.

Re-lease thus becomes a celebration of overcoming through song and dance, praise and worship.