There are many children who cannot afford to attend school regularly because their parents or single parent are unemployed or on a very low income. We would urge you to set up a standing order or direct debit to ensure a child gets the education they need to break the dependency cycle.

You may ask why should you sponsor a child? We would say that many young girls drift into a life of prostitution because their parent(s)are unable to afford to send them to school. Young boys on the other hand drift into a life of crime for the same reasons.

We have seen this become the “norm” in Jamaica and would wish to give hope to those who see no alternative way out.

To ensure we safeguard you and the interest of the child you sponsor we will not exchange your details or that of the child. We will however, encourage the child to write to you via Reach Dem to tell you how they are doing in school, endorsed by the school Principal.

We will guarantee that for all children sponsored under this program WILL attend school regularly and will undertake to monitor them diligently with the school that they are attending. We will also send you a picture of the child you are sponsoring.

We would ask that you make a regular donation of $8,000 per month per child.  If you are at all interested, please complete this form and send it back to us to process.