Who Are We Reaching?

Josephine Heron 

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Reach Dem JA came into contact, with Josephine Heron on 7 March 2017.

The meeting was a casual connection in the street, whereby Ms Heron jokingly asked a Reach Dem JA member for her dress. The RDJA member said if she had had another dress with her she would have gladly given it to her, Ms Heron was extremely happy to know that a complete stranger would give her the dress off her back. The two began to talk and Ms Heron began to explain that she had been homeless some years ago and that for 25 years she shared whatever she had with homeless people.

We were amazed because this woman was 66 years old who hardly had enough food or money for herself. She said worked as a volunteer for the Salvation Army and part time in a shelter. When she asked us for lunch we were more than happy to oblige. The following week the RDJA team member returned with the dress for Ms Heron, she was in a state of unbelief because she did not think that the member would have returned one and secondly, that she would have been given this gift. Reach Dem gave her a donation and said that they would keep in touch with her. Since then Ms Heron has become a Reach Dem volunteer member, handing out prayer cards and flyers for Reach Dem in the Half Way Tree Area, in Kingston.

In 2012, Ms Heron was given a home of her own from the charity Food for the Poor, so she was no longer homeless but she still continued to go on the streets and speak with those people who were still homeless, spreading her cheer, as she volunteers for the Salvation Army.

Ms Heron’s heroinism and acts of kindness in the streets of Kingston serves to prove to the world a person does not need much to Reach Dem.

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On Saturday 1 May 2017, Friends in Need and Reach Dem JA took to the streets of Clarendon to provide much-needed clothing & shoes, household items, and food items to persons who had to succumb to the torrents of rain last week.

In doing so, we visited the Homeless Shelter in Denbeigh, the Infirmary At Denbeigh, stranded residents at West End Park, in Denbeigh, Mineral Heights, Cannan Heights, Buckner who had suffered innumerable losses.  We also visisted two churches Bibleway Church of God in Cannan Heights and Heaven Prophetic Deliverance Ministry in West End Park and delivered clothing to the Pastors to hand out to persons affected in those communities.  [/read]

Books Donation – To JLS 

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Reach Dem UK donated these books to Reach Dem JA, for the benefit of the Jamaican people.

Reach Dem JA after very careful deliberation decided to donate them to the Jamaica Library Services in Kingston.  It was felt that in doing so all sectors of Jamaican society would be best served in this donation.  On January 3rd, 2017,   the first set of donated books were handed over to J.L.S by the founder of RDJA, Delma Pryce at their Headquarters on 2 Redcam Drive, Kingston 5.

The Jamaica Library Service Is an agency of the Ministry of Education and the only library network in Jamaica with coverage of over 1,400 public and school libraries.  They state that “we aim to provide resources to support programmes and services to the public as we strive to transform lives and empower communities. However, often the demand for these programmes and services outweigh the resources available to accommodate users.”

We at Reach Dem JA, have now  committed to work in partnership with J.L.S. to ensure a consistent flow of donated books from Reach Dem UK.[/read]

Christmas Day  – 2016    Downtown, Kingston

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This was a day we can never forget.  It was an absolute pleasure to feed the homeless of Downton Kingston.  As our bus approached Hero’s Park, by North Parade and the Ward Theatre, we were met initially, by about 4 homeless persons.  It was strange they somehow knew we had come with food for them because we had not even parked properly before they came to enquire.  We wanted to serve hot food, so decided not to dish up until we arrived and that caused somewhat of a delay.  The homeless persons became agitated so we gave out drinks in the meantime.  After about 20 minutes, we were drenched, by an influx of homeless persons wanting to be fed.  They were very orderly by and large and those who wanted to get out of line who were very quickly reprimanded by their peer.  We can truly say this was reaching them in action on Christmas Day.  Giving hope to those who came, we managed to feed 85 persons including some children from the neighbouring Tivoli – an  inner city community.

For homeless people they were upbeat and enjoyed their meals, no one complained about their plight but were simply happy that they had been remembered during the festivities, when most people tended to focus on their own families.[/read]

Achiever’s Resource Centre

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This is a non-traditional school that was established for children who have under achieved in traditional schools and have found it difficult to complete their education in order to graduate. Most children have issues at home: lack of finances, lack of parental guidance

At Achiever’s children who came in unable to read and write have been able to learn at their own pace and then go on to take up the national curriculum and obtain CXCs. Without this assistance these children would not have any education and remain illiterate, growing up having to live on a minimum wage.

Reach Dem UK in 2014 donated: Several PCs, Printers, Photocopiers, Fax Machine, Lap Tops, Stationery and Reading Books, shoes and food. This voluntary organisation is in dire need of more resources and we are continually attempting to find ways to assist this great establishment – that believes in giving students a second chance. The Principal, Mrs Shan and her staff are amongst some of the most admirably characters, I have ever met. They constantly go over and above their call to Teach and have reached out to students in ways I find exemplary to us all.

This is undoubtedly an amazing school. If you would like to assist the school with scarce resources or funding, please contact Reach Dem JA and let us know. reachdem@gmail.com


Mi Nuh Cum Fi Di Righteous

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] It’s time for us all to take God out of the box and let him have his way in how the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is conveyed to the world in this end time. It was Reach Dem’s aim to reach the people by any means necessary. So the charitable organisation staged  “Mi Nuh Cum Fi Di Righteous But Fi Call Sinnas to Repentance” a fundraising event featuring secular artist singing gospel. Delma ‘Sistah P’ Pryce, Founder/CEO of Reach Dem was told that it could not be done and should not be done but yet GOD  was glorified all night  throughout the various performances.[/read]

May Pen Children’s Home – Pre-Christmas  Treat  -18th  December 2011

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] For several years ,the Reach Dem family have supported this children’s home.  We provide clothing, shoes, books, stationery, toys and food.  We regularly attend the home and entertain the children, sit and read to them or just give them some TLC.  Many of them are orphaned, or abandoned and its important at their tender age to show them we care.  We have watched some grow up and leave the home and make lives for themselves.  It is a rewarding factor when you witness the impact our interaction makes to these lovely children, who simply want to be loved. [/read]

Occasions  Hosted  By Sizzla  & Friends  – 15th July 2011

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Reach Dem will be supporting the event Occasions on Friday July 15th 2011 hosted by Sizzla and Friends at 121 Winward Road, Kingston. The general appeal is to illustrate to the inner city youth that there are better ways to live than to pick up the gun and that gun violence is not the answer to dispute resolutions.

We will ministering to the inner city youths by traditional methods of evangelism as well by distributing clothing to those in need. Remember our tag line is TO REACH DEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

You are welcomed to come along and support the initiative.